Studio Policy

Weekly private piano lessons during the school year are normally scheduled 45-minutes for children and One-Hour for adults. At the parent's request or for siblings 30-minute lessons may be reserved and scheduled. Lessons during the fall and spring semesters will be reserved and scheduled once per week. Lessons during the summer season will be reserved and scheduled once or twice per week.

Students must have access to a piano or keyboard for daily practice and study from required music books chosen by the teacher. Students must bring all required music books to each piano lesson.


Enrollment and Withdrawal
An appointment will be scheduled to meet the teacher to discuss the student's interests, goals and expectations including the studio policy prior to starting the lessons.

A trial period of 2 weekly lessons will be scheduled and reserved prior to enrolling. Should the student decide to enroll after the trial period, the student will be committing to a timeslot for ongoing reserved and scheduled lessons until notice to withdraw is given. At that point, one last month's payment will be due
. This will allow time to have me fill the timeslot with another student. Should one last payment not be made when the withdrawal notice is given, then the remaining paid reserved and scheduled lessons will be forfeited.



Inappropriate behavior or language anytime during the lesson is reason for immediate dismissal by the teacher and the remaining paid lessons will be forfeited.

Lessons Calendar
  • 2018 Spring Season - 16 Lessons - January-May
             Jan. 28 thru May 26, 2018
  • 2018 Summer Season - 8 Lessons - June-July
             May 27 thru July 31, 2018  
  • 2018 Fall Season -  20 Lessons - Aug.-Dec.
             Aug. 1 thru Dec. 22, 2018
  • 2019 Spring Season -  20 Lessons - Jan.-May
             Jan. 6 thru June 1, 2019

Summer Lessons
8 Summer Lessons are encouraged for all students between May 27 - July 31, 2018. Students may take an entire month's break provided the 8 summer lessons are scheduled twice a week for one month during the summer season. Students who take 8 summer lessons are given first choice for reserving their timeslot continuing into the Fall Semester. 


Lesson Breaks
Lessons will not be scheduled during the following weeks:
  • Spring Break -1 week...............Mar.11-17, 2018
  • Thanksgiving Break - 1 week ...........Nov. 18-24
  • Christmas Break - 2 weeks ........ Dec.23-Jan. 5

Tuition ~ Fees
  • $ 75 Trial Lessons - (2 lessons)
  • $150 per month for 30-min. lessons (4 lessons)
  • $230 per month for 45-min. lessons (4 lessons)
  • $270 per month for One-hour lessons (4 lessons)
There is a $10 discount per month when siblings enroll and lessons are scheduled weekly for 1-1/2 hours or more.
Payments are made by check payable to Lynn Rice
Payment for lessons are due in advance by the 15th of each month.
$35 Yearly Enrollment fee
$35 Recital Fee, $15 Awards Fee
$35 Insufficient funds or recurring late payments paid 3 days past the 15th of the month.
Music books are purchased by the teacher and reimbursed by the student upon enrollment and as the student progresses to the next level.

No refund or credits for missed lessons, canceled lessons or immediate dismissal.


Students need to practice the assignment every day to become a proficient musician.  Students must make a commitment to carefully follow the weekly lesson assignment and indicate the number days per week the assignment is practiced.  It is the student's responsibility to spend time completing the assignments and to follow all practice instructions in order to excel at a steady rate of progress. Lack of practice will result in a slower rate of progress, so it's up to the student to put forth the effort to play every day.


Piano Recitals
  • 2018 Spring Recital - Sat., May 12, 2018 - 4:00-5:30
  • 2018 Christmas Recital - Sat., Dec. 8, 2018 - 4:00-5:30

Recitals are optional. Recitals are held at Steinway Piano Gallery, 12980 N Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78750  Go north on Hwy 620, turn right at Anderson Mill Rd., turn right at Hwy 183 and stay on feeder. Steinway Piano Gallery is on right side.

Instrument for Piano Lessons
A good quality acoustic piano that is "in-tune" with a working pedal with no sticking keys is necessary for enrolling in piano lessons. An acoustic piano is preferable, but a digital piano is acceptable if it has a damper pedal, 88 heavy weighted keys and is set up on a musicstand so when the student is seated at the keyboard, his posture is correctly positioned with feet flat on the floor or footstool. Rental pianos are available at Steinway Piano Gallery, Strait Music and Capital Music Center.


Makeups ~ Extended Lesson Time
When lessons need to be rescheduled for any reason, illness included, the teacher must be contacted by e-mail, text message or phone call as soon as possible preferably the day before the scheduled lesson so a makeup lesson may be scheduled ONLY at the discretion of the instructor provided there is an available makeup timeslot or if extended time during a regularly scheduled lesson is feasible, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited. Should the student come to the lesson knowingly sick and contagious particularly with the flu, bronchitis or strep throat, the lesson will be canceled and no  makeup offered.

Makeups may be scheduled during any given season where payment has reserved a timeslot for the student. Makeups cannot carry over into any season in which payment has not reserved a timeslot for the student, particularly during the summer season if a timeslot has not been reserved.


Late Cancellation Notice  ~ No Cancellation Notice
Please be considerate and notify me in advance when a lesson needs to be rescheduled. I will do likewise. A lesson cannot be rescheduled if I am not notified or if I am notified too late in order for me to reschedule a student in an open timeslot because it is impossible for me to reschedule students when I don't know in advance which timeslots might become available or I am waiting for a student who doesn't show up for the lesson. Students must be on-time for scheduled lessons; otherwise the lessons will end on-time for the next student’s timeslot. There are no makeups scheduled due shorten lessons if students arrives late or if the student needs to leave early.


The teacher will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur at the facility. It is the caregiver or parent’s sole responsibility for the student’s safety and well-being before, during and after the lessons.

Any videos or photos of the student may be used on the website.

Chewing Gum, food or drinks except for water are not allowed during the piano lesson.

Dogs are not allowed in the studio, in the building or at the recital.


Changes in Schedule
Requests to change the student's reserved and scheduled timeslot will be considered and changed if possible, but a change is not guaranteed.


Signatures Required
The student's parent or adult student must initial, sign and date a copy to confirm his/her agreement to the terms of this policy. Any changes or additions made to this agreement will be presented in writing with signatures required and dated.