Practice Makes Perfect - Becoming an Independent Reader of the Music Language
The main goal of taking piano lessons is not only to play beautiful music, but to build confidence, increase reading skills, develop eye-hand coordination with both  hands, and play with proper technique in a manner that is enjoyable and memorable.  The use of method books and supplemental music is therefore necessary to allow the student to grasp the concepts necessary for learning how to play the piano in an organized and structured manner so that the student is reading independently.  The student therefore gradually progresses to each new level so new pieces are not so difficult to learn.  Students learn to become good readers and will understand the fundamentals of music harmony.   The teacher uses the best piano music material available to make the learning so much fun and not too hard to play! 
The typical piano lesson consists of learning new material, reviewing and refining learned material, completing written music theory assignments and practicing finger technical exercises. 

PIANO METHODS for Learning How to Play the Piano:

      Premier Piano Course by Dennis Alexander -
           (Method books for older students)

      Hal Leonard Piano Course - (Method books for young students)
                Repertoire and Theory

      Suzuki Piano - (Classical piano repertoire for all students)

      Keith Snell Piano Library - (Method books for older students)
             Scales, Classical Repertoire and Theory

      Piano Town - (Method books for young students)
             Technique, Repertoire and Theory

     Hanon - (Finger Exercises in Technique for older students)