Studio Policy

Private piano lessons are offered 48 weeks during the term. 8 weeks during the summer from June 2 thru July 27 and 40 weeks during the school year from July 28 thru May 30.

Private piano lessons are reserved and scheduled weekly for 30-min., 45-min., or One-Hour for children and adults except during designated breaks. Summer lessons in the months of June and July may be reserved and scheduled once or twice per week and may include extended lesson time to accommodate families' flexible schedules.


Instrument for Piano Lessons
Students without a piano may enroll in lessons with the intent of purchasing a piano or keyboard within the first month.  A good quality acoustic piano that is "in-tune" with a working pedal with no sticking keys is recommended for daily practicing. A digital piano is acceptable if it has a damper pedal, 88 heavy weighted keys and is set up on a musicstand so when the student is seated at the keyboard, the posture is straight with feet flat on the floor or a footstool. Rental pianos are available at Steinway Piano Gallery at 512-258-6100 and Capital Music Center at 512-458-1933.

Piano Performances and Recitals

Participation in piano recitals and performances is encouraged.
  • 2019 Christmas Recital - Sat., December 7, 2019 - 2:00-3:30
  • 2020 Spring Recital - Sat., May 2, 2020 – 11:30-12:30
Piano Recitals:  Steinway Piano Gallery, 12980 N Hwy 183, Austin 78750 North, Hwy 620, Right -Anderson Mill Rd., Right-Hwy 183 Stay on feeder. Steinway  is on the Right.

Piano Performances:  Belmont Village Senior Living Lakeway, 107 Bella Montagna, Lakeway, TX 78734

Students must make a commitment to carefully follow the weekly lesson assignment and indicate the number days per week the assignment is practiced. It is the student's responsibility to spend time completing the assignments and to follow all practice instructions in order to excel at a steady rate of progress. Lack of practice will result in a slower rate of progress, so it's up to the student to put forth the effort to play every day. Lack of practice is unacceptable for missing a scheduled lesson.

Enrollment and Tuition
Enrollment is handled in person. Tuition is paid in advance either monthly (covers 4 lessons) or quarterly (covers 12 lessons). A deposit covering the last month of lessons is paid upon enrollment, or as an option may be pro-rated over 10 months. The one month's deposit is waived when tuition is paid quarterly.

$35 enrollment fee per student.
$50 recital fee per student (due one month prior to the recitals held twice per year.)  Cost of music books vary according to the level and age of the student. Additional music books are added as the student progresses.

Cost of Lessons:
$37.50 - per 30-Min. Lesson (Monthly $150) (Quarterly $450)

$57.50 - per 45-Min. Lesson (Monthly $230) (Quarterly $690)
$67.50 - per One Hour Lesson (Monthly $270) (Quarterly $810)

Missed Lessons
Lessons may be rescheduled or include extended lesson time when advance notice is given of lessons needing to be missed. For any reason a student needs to miss a lesson, notification of the cancelation needs to be made in advance by text or phone call (not e-mail), so I know in advance which timeslots wil become available for scheduling students.

Lessons will not be rescheduled when a student doesn't show up for the lesson. 

Lessons will not be rescheduled during designated holiday breaks and will not carry over into any month in which payment has not reserved a regularly scheduled timeslot, particularly during the Summer Semester.

Student must be on-time for all scheduled lessons; otherwise the lessons will end on-time for the next student’s timeslot. There are no makeups scheduled due shorten lessons if students arrives late or if the student needs to leave early. Should the teacher need to cancel a lesson, the student will be notified as soon as possible and the lesson will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience.

Students who come to the lesson contagious particularly with the flu, bronchitis or strep throat, the lesson will be canceled and no makeup offered. Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior or language will be dismissed.


Holiday Breaks
Lessons will not be scheduled during the following breaks:
  • One week for Spring Break (March 17-23)
  • One Week for Thanksgiving Holidays (Nov.24-30)
  • Two weeks for Christmas Holidays (Dec.22-Jan.4)

Any videos or photos of the student may be used on the website or brochures for advertising unless an opt-out waiver is signed. Chewing gum, food or drinks except for water are not allowed during the piano lessons or recitals and performances. Dogs are not allowed in the studio, building, and recital hall or retirement home.